Revanta Officers Boulevard

Revanta Multi State Cooperative Housing Society is a well-known name in the 21st. century infrastructure industry. After attaining the great achievements the organisation strives to strike harder and achieve more than monetary benefits. Revanta Multi State Cooperative Housing Society this time works along with the government for the success of the Master Plan 2021 (MPD 2021). MPD 2021 is a new band in Delhi. MPD 2021 has a mission of ‘Housing for all by 2020’ under which the Delhi Government has come up with affordable housing scheme to make livelihood easier in Delhi.

Revanta Group works for achieving the mission of MPD 2021 that is to create the required infrastructural facilities with enhanced roads, healthcare dispensaries, sanitation, proper sewerage and houses. MPD has been planned to cover the existing deficit and prepare housing for additional 80 lakh people that are expected to increase by 2021. Under MPD 2021 (Master Plan Delhi 2021) Revanta Multi State Housing Society has launched the new affordable officers housing scheme, Officers Boulevard. Revanta Officers Boulevard  specially planned & designed for government sector officer, public sector and retired officers including ministry officers, central and state government officers, DRDO, police officers, bank officers, government teachers to make their lives easier.

A total of 33% units are reserved for women. The society registration No. of Revanta Officers Boulevard Housing Scheme is MSCS/C8/1049/2014.